Featured Flat Roof Services

Wash and Clean Roofs
Elements play a huge part in the function of your roof. Dirt build up from dust storms and wind and rain can quickly add a layer of dirt to your roof. We take great care to clean the surface before we begin repair work and coating services.
Roof Coatings
We apply two coats to the roof to insure a proper coating and protection.
Specializing in Seamless Roofing
Seamless roofing is our specialty.
Seal Kote
Before a final Kool Kote is applied we seal all the delicate surface areas.
Kool Kote
Our high tech rubberized product that offers protection for five years and resists the suns rays.
We can also provide the necessary repairs to damaged roofs. We can completely resurface areas or provide fabric patches to areas of concern.
Full Fabric Re-Roof
For seriously damaged or aged roofs we offer a full fabric method to make the roof as good as new.

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