About Us

Southwest Rubberized Roofing has been in business since 2003. Owned and operated by a former United States Navy decorated veteran with over 18 years roofing experience. We are meticulous, honest and reliable and have an A+ Rating on the BBB. We service Commercial buildings and Residential. Please call for a free estimate.

We specialize in Washing and Cleaning Roofs, Roof Coatings, Seamless Roofing, Seal Kote, Kool Kote, Repairs, and Full Fabric Re-roof

What We Offer

5 Year Warranty
Our Kool Kote product line enables us to provide our clients with a 5 year warranty, even in Tucson's hot climate.
Complete Roofing Service
We wash and clean the roof before the 1st coat is applied. We then apply a second coat of Kool Kote product to insure our clients for five years. We specialize in seamless roofing and apply fabric repairs to areas in need.
Free Estimates
Every roof has unique requirements and can be in a different state of repair. We are happy to inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate.